PCB40 Portland blended packed / bulk cement
        PCB 40 Portland blended packed Cement has high quality, stable early strength & fast development, smooth and high silicate mineral content, low alkali content and free lime, reasonable setting time, have good corrosion resistance and durable in environmental acidification, salination. FICO Cement is widely used in all aspects of construction such as  masonry work, plastering work, precast  slab, casting beam, slab, columns …etc.

         PCB 40 Portland blended bulk Cement is identified as a strategic product, from the early start, bulk cement was launched at a super high quality. With  03 day minimum strength of 28 MPa, 28 days strength  50 MPa, setting at reasonable time, good corrosion resistance, durable  in acidity & salinity environmental, low elongation and shrinkage ... bulk cement has been widely used for concrete batching plant and for the industrial, civil and irrigation projects….

Specification of FICO cement